According to the World Health Organization there are 1.45 deaths worldwide per second. 3/3/08 3:53 PM A back of a napkin estimate gives about 3 deaths/second world-wide. I estimate 6 billion souls with a lifespan of (conveniently) 60 years, which gives 100 million deaths/year. A year is 60 sec/min times 60 min/hour times 24 hours/day times 365 days/year= about 31.5 million seconds. 100 million/31.5 million is about 3. So what's your solution other than taking over the human mind with mandatory immortality aptitude as our one world lovernment lovernmeant?

Creating all children to die may leave them with the impression that the love being given them is actually hate, masked!

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Paralinguistic Aptitude decoding phonetic innuendo as a window into the subconscious brought conscious increasing the collective Psychical Viability Index of humanity in the generation of an internationally coordinated survival aptitude genius of the heart internet phenomenon thus generating real dynamic evidence of how humans can evolve their collective coordinated synergized Respect for Life asset in the presence of the children they recently created to Kill or die.

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