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Google: virtuebios lookupnGoogle [Interet Coup] Born 9/20/41 during a total Eclipse of the Sun

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Mortality Resolution International

One world government no borders, children creating their Physical Immortality together INTERNETEDLY whether or not adults help them.

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  1. My Children's Internet Coup Link Farm for Immortality Education

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    According to the World Health Organization there are 1.45 deaths worldwide per second. 3/3/08 3:53 PM A back of a napkin estimate gives about 3 deaths/second world-wide. I estimate 6 billion souls with a lifespan of (conveniently) 60 years, which gives 100 million deaths/year. A year is 60 sec/min times 60 min/hour times 24 hours/day times 365 days/year= about 31.5 million seconds. 100 million/31.5 million is about 3. So what's your solution other than taking over the human mind with...
  2. Google Search Children are taking over the internet doing Immortality Education

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